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The Balmoral

The Balmoral is usually worn with the brim about half-an-inch from the eyebrows with the cockade over the left temple. The cloth portion of the hat is pulled to the right. 

The silk ribbons can be left untied or tied. Merely decoration today, these were originally used to adjust size. Many people will tell you that each method means something different, be it political affiliation or religion. My suggestion is to do whatever you think looks nice. Typically, the ribbons of a Balmoral are tied. The same situation applies to the dicing on the band. Traditionally it was supposed to denote Protestantism, though today it is chosen based on personal preference.

The Balmoral was adopted by the Highland Regiments of the British Army in the 18th Century and achieved the form we are familiar with today. The Black Watch Balmoral featured below is in fact the same hat traditionally issued to the Black Watch and is only available in navy.

Made in Scotland from 100% wool in a wide range of colours. Available in Sizes 6-8. All prices in Canadian funds.

NOTE: All Balmorals are made-to-order (i.e. non-returnable), so please MEASURE CAREFULLY before ordering.

Plain Balmoral

$105.00 CAD

Diced Balmoral

$110.00 CAD

Black Watch

(Navy w/Red Toorie only)

$140.00 CAD

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