Keltoi Gaelic Clothing

Traditional Handsewn Kilts & Accessories

The Dress Sporran

These sporrans are made with a cowhide or sealskin facing and a metal cantle.

They are particularly well-suited for use with a Coatee or even a Day Jacket. As such, these are worn at formal evening occasions. Each sporran comes with an adjustable leather and chain strap or an optional black all leather strap.

Dress Sporrans are hand-made in the United Kingdom.

All prices are in Canadian funds.

IMPORTANT: Please note that sealskin is generally unavailable for export outside of Canada. Check your local laws before ordering.
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(Canada & US only)


All of my kilts come with a lifetime warranty. Any repairs (i.e. not alterations) will be done free of charge (excluding shipping) for as long as you own the kilt.