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The Sporran Strap

All sporrans sold by Keltoi include an All-Leather Strap (Daywear or Hunting) or a Chain and Leather strap (Dress or Horsehair). All-leather sporran straps are usually reserved for day wear, though one could wear them for any event with any type of sporran. 

As mentioned all dress sporrans sold are supplied with an adjustable chain and leather strap. Offered below is a replacement should yours wear out or 'shrink'.

All Sporran Straps made in the United Kingdom. All prices in Canadian funds.


Sporran Suspenders

  • Celtic Link Black
    Celtic Link Black
  • Celtic Link Brown
    Celtic Link Brown
  • Black Plain
    Black Plain
  • Brown Plain
    Brown Plain
Celtic Link Black
Celtic Link Black

Sporran Suspenders are a good alternative to sporran straps, particularly for those kilties who may be 'gentlemen of substance'.

The suspenders attach to the D-rings at the back of a sporran (just as a sporran strap does). The leather loops then snap over the kilt belt.

Sporran Suspenders are made in the United Kingdom. All prices in Canadian funds.




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All of my kilts come with a lifetime warranty. Any repairs (i.e. not alterations) will be done free of charge (excluding shipping) for as long as you own the kilt.