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Tartan Lambswool Blankets

Dress your home beautifully with a Lochcarron Lambswool blanket, soft and cosy perfect for perfect foil for a cold winter's evening. 

Made from 100% lambswool at the Selkirk mill in the Scottish Lowlands, these blankets perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship and quality. Choose from a selection of tartans and inject a little Scottish personality into your interior style.

All prices in Canadian funds.

$190.00 CAD

  • Allison (Modern)
    Allison (Modern)
  • Armstrong (Modern)
    Armstrong (Modern)
  • Auld Scotland
    Auld Scotland
  • Bellspool
  • Black Watch (Modern)
    Black Watch (Modern)
  • Bruce of Kinnaird (Ancient)
    Bruce of Kinnaird (Ancient)
  • Buchanan Berry
    Buchanan Berry
  • Buchanan Blue
    Buchanan Blue
  • Cameron Hunting (Weathered)
    Cameron Hunting (Weathered)
  • Charcoal
  • Chisholm Hunting (Modern)
    Chisholm Hunting (Modern)
  • Clyde
  • Douglas (Weathered)
    Douglas (Weathered)
  • Duck
  • Gordon Dress (Modern)
    Gordon Dress (Modern)
  • Isle of Skye
    Isle of Skye
  • Kames Heritage Check
    Kames Heritage Check
  • Kennedy (Weathered)
    Kennedy (Weathered)
  • Kidd (Ancient)
    Kidd (Ancient)
  • Lauriston Heritage Check
    Lauriston Heritage Check
  • Lindsay (Modern)
    Lindsay (Modern)
  • MacDonald (Modern)
    MacDonald (Modern)
  • MacLean of Duart (Weathered)
    MacLean of Duart (Weathered)
  • MacLeod of Harris Antique
    MacLeod of Harris Antique
  • MacMillan, Old (Modern)
    MacMillan, Old (Modern)
  • MacNab (Ancient)
    MacNab (Ancient)
  • MacQueen Blue
    MacQueen Blue
  • MacQueen Camel
    MacQueen Camel
  • MacRae Hunting (Ancient)
    MacRae Hunting (Ancient)
  • MacRae Hunting Grey
    MacRae Hunting Grey
  • Malt
  • Roslin Heritage Check
    Roslin Heritage Check
  • Steel
  • Stewart Brown Antique
    Stewart Brown Antique
  • Stewart Camel (Weathered)
    Stewart Camel (Weathered)
  • Stewart Dress Grey
    Stewart Dress Grey
  • Stewart Eve
    Stewart Eve
  • Stewart Royal (Modern)
    Stewart Royal (Modern)
  • Tarland
  • Tealing
  • Thompson Hunting (Weathered)
    Thompson Hunting (Weathered)
  • Thompson Camel
    Thompson Camel
  • Traves
  • Tulich
  • TullyNessle
  • Turriff
  • Wallace (Modern)
    Wallace (Modern)
  • Waverley Blue
    Waverley Blue
  • Waverley Ochre
    Waverley Ochre
Allison (Modern)
Allison (Modern)

Tartans Available

  • Allison (Modern)  Allsùn
  • Armstrong (Modern)  Airmstrang
  • Auld Scotland  Alba Sean
  • Black Watch (Modern)  Am Freiceadan Dubh
  • Bruce of Kinnard (Ancient)  Brùs na Ceann Àird
  • Buchanan Berry  Canonach Sùbh
  • Buchanan Blue  Canonach Gorm
  • Cameron Hunting (Weathered)  Camshròn
  • Chisholm Hunting (Modern)  Sisealach
  • Clyde Check  Breacan Cluaidh
  • Douglas (Weathered)  Dubhghlas
  • Gordon Dress (Modern)  Gòrdanach
  • Isle of Skye  An t-Eilean Sgitheanach
  • Kennedy (Weathered)  Ceannaideach, Mac Uaraig
  • Kames Heritage Check  Breacan Kames
  • Kidd (Ancient)
  • Lauriston Heritage Check  Breacan Lauriston
  • Lindsay (Modern)  Lionnsaidh
  • MacDonald (Modern)  Mac Dòmhnuill
  • MacLeod of Harris Antique  Mac Leòid na h-Earraidh
  • MacLean of Duart (Weathered)  Mac Ghill'Eain Dhubhairt
  • MacQueen Blue  Mac Shuibhne Gorm

  • MacQueen Camel  Mac Shuibhne Càmhail
  • MacMillan, Old (Modern)  Mac Maolain Sean
  • MacRae Hunting (Ancient)  Mac Raith 
  • MacRae Hunting Grey  Mac Raith Liath
  • Roslin Heritage Check  Breacan Roslin
  • Stewart Brown Antique  Stiùbhart Donn
  • Stewart Camel (Weathered)  Stiùbhart Càmhail
  • Stewart Dress Grey  Stiùbhart Liath
  • Stewart Eve Stiùbhart Eabha
  • Stewart Royal (Modern)  Stiùbhart Rìoghail
  • Tarland Check  Breacan Tharbhlainn
  • Tealing
  • Thompson Brown Hunting (Weathered)  Mac Thòmais Donn
  • Thompson Camel  Mac Thòmais Càmhail
  • Tarves  Tarbhais
  • Tullich Check  Breacan Thulaich
  • Tullynessle
  • Turriff Check  Breacan Turra
  • Wallace (Modern)  Uallas
  • Waverley Blue Check  Breacan Waverley Blue
  • Waverley Ochre Check  Breacan Waverley Ochre




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All of my kilts come with a lifetime warranty. Any repairs (i.e. not alterations) will be done free of charge (excluding shipping) for as long as you own the kilt.