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All of my kilts come with a lifetime warranty. Any repairs (i.e. not alterations) will be done free of charge (excluding shipping) for as long as you own the kilt.

A lambswool tartan scarf is a fine way to beat the cold and display your clan tartan as well.

These scarves measure 25 cm x 180 cm and are proudly crafted in the United Kingdom.

All prices in Canadian funds.

To view Irish County Tartan Scarves click here.

$50.00 CAD

  • Anderson (Modern)
    Anderson (Modern)
  • Aqua
  • Armstrong (Modern)
    Armstrong (Modern)
  • Austin (Modern)
    Austin (Modern)
  • Baird (Modern)
    Baird (Modern)
  • Bannockbane Navy
    Bannockbane Navy
  • Bell of the Border
    Bell of the Border
  • Black Watch (Modern)
    Black Watch (Modern)
  • Black
  • Bottle Green
    Bottle Green
  • Bruce (Modern)
    Bruce (Modern)
  • Bruce of Kinnaird (Ancient)
    Bruce of Kinnaird (Ancient)
  • Buchanan (Modern)
    Buchanan (Modern)
  • Buchanan Antique
    Buchanan Antique
  • Buchanan Blue
    Buchanan Blue
  • Burns Check
    Burns Check
  • Cameron (Modern)
    Cameron (Modern)
  • Campbell Ancient
    Campbell Ancient
  • Campbell of Argyll (Modern)
    Campbell of Argyll (Modern)
  • Charcoal
  • Clark (Ancient)
    Clark (Ancient)
  • Clergy (Ancient)
    Clergy (Ancient)
  • Colquhoun (Modern)
    Colquhoun (Modern)
  • Cornish National
    Cornish National
  • Davidson (Modern)
    Davidson (Modern)
  • Douglas (Modern)
    Douglas (Modern)
  • Duncan (Ancient)
    Duncan (Ancient)
  • Earl of St Andrews
    Earl of St Andrews
  • Edinburgh
  • Elliot (Modern)
    Elliot (Modern)
  • Farquharson (Modern)
    Farquharson (Modern)
  • Ferguson (Modern)
    Ferguson (Modern)
  • Forbes (Modern)
    Forbes (Modern)
  • Foxglove
  • Fraser Red (Modern)
    Fraser Red (Modern)
  • Galbraith (Modern)
    Galbraith (Modern)
  • Glasgow
  • Gordon (Modern)
    Gordon (Modern)
  • Gordon Dress (Modern)
    Gordon Dress (Modern)
  • Graham of Menteith (Modern)
    Graham of Menteith (Modern)
  • Graham of Montrose (Modern)
    Graham of Montrose (Modern)
  • Grant (Modern)
    Grant (Modern)
  • Gunn (Modern)
    Gunn (Modern)
  • Heather Isle
    Heather Isle
  • Highland Rose
    Highland Rose
  • Holyrood (Modern)
    Holyrood (Modern)
  • Holyrood Diamond Jubilee
    Holyrood Diamond Jubilee
  • Isle of Skye
    Isle of Skye
  • Kames Check
    Kames Check
  • Keith or Marshall (Modern)
    Keith or Marshall (Modern)
  • Kerr (Modern)
    Kerr (Modern)
  • Lamont (Modern)
    Lamont (Modern)
  • Lauriston Check
    Lauriston Check
  • Lillies Leaf
    Lillies Leaf
  • Lindsay (Modern)
    Lindsay (Modern)
  • MacDonald (Ancient)
    MacDonald (Ancient)
  • MacDonald (Modern)
    MacDonald (Modern)
  • MacDonald Dress (Modern)
    MacDonald Dress (Modern)
  • MacDonald of Clanranald
    MacDonald of Clanranald
  • MacDonald, Lord of the Isles
    MacDonald, Lord of the Isles
  • MacDougall (Modern)
    MacDougall (Modern)
  • MacDuff Dress (Modern)
    MacDuff Dress (Modern)
  • MacFarlane (Modern)
    MacFarlane (Modern)
  • MacGregor (Modern)
    MacGregor (Modern)
  • MacIntosh (Modern)
    MacIntosh (Modern)
  • MacKay (Modern)
    MacKay (Modern)
  • Mackenzie (Modern)
    Mackenzie (Modern)
  • MacLachlan (Modern)
    MacLachlan (Modern)
  • MacLaren (Modern)
    MacLaren (Modern)
  • MacLean of Duart (Modern)
    MacLean of Duart (Modern)
  • MacLean of Duart (Weathered)
    MacLean of Duart (Weathered)
  • MacLeod Dress (Modern)
    MacLeod Dress (Modern)
  • MacLeod of Harris (Ancient)
    MacLeod of Harris (Ancient)
  • MacLeod of Harris (Modern)
    MacLeod of Harris (Modern)
  • MacMillan Old (Modern)
    MacMillan Old (Modern)
  • MacNeil of Barra (Modern)
    MacNeil of Barra (Modern)
  • MacPherson (Modern)
    MacPherson (Modern)
  • Malt
  • Maple Leaf
    Maple Leaf
  • Marshall (Modern)
    Marshall (Modern)
  • Mitchell (Modern)
    Mitchell (Modern)
  • Moffat (Modern)
    Moffat (Modern)
  • Morrison Green (Modern)
    Morrison Green (Modern)
  • Murray of Atholl (Modern)
    Murray of Atholl (Modern)
  • Musselburgh
  • National
  • Navy
  • New York City
    New York City
  • Patriot (Modern)
    Patriot (Modern)
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Ramsay Blue (Ancient)
    Ramsay Blue (Ancient)
  • Red
  • Robertson Red (Modern)
    Robertson Red (Modern)
  • Roslin Plaid
    Roslin Plaid
  • Ross Hunting (Modern)
    Ross Hunting (Modern)
  • Ross Red (Modern)
    Ross Red (Modern)
  • Russell (Modern)
    Russell (Modern)
  • Scott Red (Modern)
    Scott Red (Modern)
  • Sinclair (Modern)
    Sinclair (Modern)
  • Smith (Modern)
    Smith (Modern)
  • Steel
  • Stewart Black (Modern)
    Stewart Black (Modern)
  • Stewart Blue Dress
    Stewart Blue Dress
  • Stewart Camel
    Stewart Camel
  • Stewart Dress (Modern)
    Stewart Dress (Modern)
  • Stewart Dress Grey
    Stewart Dress Grey
  • Stewart Hunting (Modern)
    Stewart Hunting (Modern)
  • Stewart Royal (Modern)
    Stewart Royal (Modern)
  • Taylor (Ancient)
    Taylor (Ancient)
  • Thompson Blue
    Thompson Blue
  • Thompson Camel
    Thompson Camel
  • Thompson Grey
    Thompson Grey
  • Troon
  • Wallace (Modern)
    Wallace (Modern)
  • Wilson (Ancient)
    Wilson (Ancient)
  • Wine
Anderson (Modern)
Anderson (Modern)

Tartans Available

  • Anderson (Modern)  Mac Ghill'Anndrais
  • Aqua  Uisce
  • Armstrong (Modern)  Airmstrang
  • Austin (Modern)  Mac Austain
  • Baird (Modern)  Mac an Bhàird
  • Bannockbane Navy
  • Bell of the Border
  • Black Watch (Modern)  Am Freiceadan Dubh
  • Black  Dubh
  • Bottle Green  Glas Bhotail
  • Bruce (Modern)  Brùs
  • Bruce of Kinnaird (Ancient)  Brùs na Ceann Àrd
  • Buchanan (Modern)  Canonach
  • Buchanan Antique  Canonach
  • Buchanan Blue  Canonach Gorm
  • Burns Check  Breacan Burns
  • Cameron (Modern)  Camshròn
  • Campbell Ancient  Caimbeul Sean
  • Charcoal  Aithinne
  • Clark (Ancient)  Mac an Chlèirich
  • Clergy (Ancient)  A' Chlèir
  • Colquhoun (Modern)  Mac a' Choimbich
  • Cornish National  Kernewek
  • Davidson (Modern)  Mac Daibhidh
  • Douglas (Modern)  Dubhghlas
  • Duncan (Ancient)  Donnchaidh
  • Earl of St Andrews  Yerl o Saunt Andras
  • Edinburgh  Dùn Èideann (Gaelic), Edinburrae (Scots)
  • Elliot (Modern)
  • Farquharson (Modern)  Mac Fearchair
  • Ferguson (Modern)  Mac Fearghais
  • Forbes (Modern)  Foirbèiseach
  • Foxglove  Sionn
  • Fraser Red (Modern)  Frisealach Ruadh
  • Galbraith (Modern)  Mac a' Bhreatannaich
  • Glasgow  Glaschù (Gaelic), Glesgae (Scots)
  • Gordon (Modern)  Gòrdanach
  • Gordon Dress (Modern)  Gòrdanach
  • Graham of Menteith (Modern)  Greumach Srath Thèadhaich
  • Graham of Montrose (Modern)  Greumach Mhon Rois
  • Grant (Modern)  Grannd
  • Gunn (Modern)  Gunnach
  • Heather Isle  An t-Eilean Fraoch
  • Highland Rose  Ròs Ghaidhealchd
  • Holyrood (Modern)  Taigh an Ròid  Halyruid
  • Holyrood Diamond Jubilee
  • Isle of Skye  An t-Eilean Sgitheanach
  • Kames Check
  • Keith (Modern)  Ceiteach
  • Kerr (Modern)  Ciar
  • Lamont (Modern)  Mac Laomuinn
  • Lauriston Check  Breacan Lauriston
  • Lillies Leaf
  • Lindsay (Modern)  Lionnsaidh
  • MacDonald (Ancient)  Mac Dòmhnuill
  • MacDonald (Modern)  Mac Dòmhnuill
  • MacDonald Dress (Modern)  Mac Dòmhnuill
  • MacDonald of Clanranald  Mac Dòmhnuill Clann Raonuill
  • MacDonald, Lord of the Isles  Mac Dòmhnuill, Rìgh nan Eilean

  • MacDougall (Modern)  Mac Dùghaill
  • MacDuff Dress (Modern)  Mac Duibh
  • MacFarlane (Modern)  Mac Pharlain
  • MacGregor (Modern)  Mac Griogair
  • MacIntosh (Modern)  Mac an Toisich
  • MacKay (Modern)  Mac Aoidh
  • Mackenzie (Modern)  Mac Coinnich
  • MacLachlan (Modern)  Mac Lachlainn
  • MacLaren (Modern)  Mac Làbhruinn
  • MacLean of Duart (Modern)  Mac Ghill'Eain Dhubhairt
  • MacLean of Duart (Weathered)  Mac Ghill'Eain Dhubhairt
  • MacLeod Dress (Modern)  Mac Leòid
  • MacLeod of Harris (Ancient)  Mac Leòid na h-Earraidh
  • MacLeod of Harris (Modern)  Mac Leòid na h-Earraidh
  • MacMillan, Old (Modern)  Mac Mhaolain Sean
  • MacNeil of Barra (Modern)  Mac Nèill
  • MacPherson (Modern)  Mac a' Phearsain
  • Malt  Braich
  • Maple Leaf (Canada's National Tartan)
  • Marshall (Modern)  Marascal
  • Mitchell (Modern)  Mac Ghille Mhicheil
  • Moffat (Modern) Magh Fada
  • Morrison Green (Modern)  Mac Ghille Mhoire Ghlas  MacMuirein (Islay)
  • Murray of Atholl (Modern)  Mòireach
  • Musselburgh  Baile nam Feusgan
  • National  Nàiseanta
  • Navy  Gorm a' chabhlaich
  • New York City  Nuadh-Eabhrac
  • Patriot (Modern)  Tìreach
  • Pink  Bàn-dhearg
  • Purple  Corcair
  • Ramsay Blue (Ancient)  Ramsaidh Gorm
  • Red  Ruadh
  • Robertson Red (Modern)  Mac Dhonnchaidh Ruadh
  • Roslin Plaid  Plaide Rosg-linn
  • Ross Hunting (Modern)  Rosach
  • Ross Red (Modern)  Rosach Ruadh
  • Russell (Modern)  Ruiseal
  • Scott Red (Modern)  Albannach Ruadh
  • Sinclair (Modern)  Singleir (North),  Mac na Cearda (West)
  • Smith (Modern)  Mac a' Ghobhainn
  • Steel  Stàilinn
  • Stewart Black (Modern)  Stiùbhart Dubh
  • Stewart Blue Dress  Stiùbhart Gorm
  • Stewart Camel  Stiùbhart Càmhail
  • Stewart Dress (Modern)  Stiùbhart
  • Stewart Dress Grey  Stiùbhart Liath
  • Stewart Hunting (Modern)  Stiùbhart
  • Stewart Royal (Modern)  Stiùbhart Rìoghail
  • Taylor (Ancient)  Mac an Tàilleir
  • Thompson Blue  Mac Thòmais Gorm
  • Thompson Camel  Mac Thòmais Càmhail
  • Thompson Grey  Mac Thòmais Liath
  • Troon  An Truathail
  • Wallace (Modern)  Uallas
  • Wilson (Ancient)  Mac Uilleim
  • Wine  Fion