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About Us

Each kilt, plaid, or ladies' accessory is hand-made by us alone. The accessories we do not make are supplied by excellent companies and individuals whom we are sure take equal pride in their work. We have carefully selected these items for both quality and value. We own many of these products and can attest to their workmanship.

Kilt-making is a labour of love that allows us to give something back to our heritage(s). Having said that, labour does mean job and this is our occupation and business. It is not a hobby. This is what we do for a living to support our families.

We have a deep interest in all things Celtic and take great pride in our crafts. We would never make something that we would not wear ourselves. Whether you are merely interested in a kilt or are inquiring about the progress of an order, feel free to contact us. We check our email ( twice daily, so a response to your query will usually be within that time frame. Indeed, during the process of making a kilt, plaid, or hat, we prefer to keep you, the customer, as well-informed as possible.

We thank you again for your interest and sincerely hope to do business with you in the future.


The Keltoi Team

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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