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The Kilt

As you will see, Keltoi offers more than the typical eight yard knife-pleated kilt found in most shops. This allows you to choose a kilt that better suits your needs.

Our kilts are made from 100% worsted wool in either tartan or a solid colour. Solid coloured kilts are traditionally favoured by the Irish and its diaspora. (To read more click here.)

Our kilts are hand-pleated and hand-sewn. This method renders the stitching almost invisible and is an integral part of what makes a traditional kilt. No machine stitching is done on any portion. Regardless of style, each kilt features the following:

Made-to-Measure with a 2" Rise -  The kilt will be made to your measurements: length, waist, and hips. Rise is the portion that extends above your natural waist and allows the kilt to remain secure.

Pleated to the Sett or to the Stripe - To the sett preserves the tartan pattern in the pleats. To the stripe (or regimental) selects one stripe and centres it on each pleat. 

Two 1 ¼" Cast Metal Buckles with Leather Straps & Tartan Casing - The casing will match exactly when pleated to the sett, but not when pleated to the stripe. (In any case, the straps cover the casing.)

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Full Cloth Lining - This covers the canvas reinforcement. Keltoi uses a cotton blend which breathes and protects you from the canvas underneath. 

Stabilizer and Hair Canvas Reinforcement - The stabilizer is a cloth strip which prevents the waist of the kilt from stretching when tightening the straps. The hair canvas helps the pleats maintain their shape and relieves the stress placed on pleat stitching.

All kilts ship with a garment bag, hanger, and shepherd-style traditional kilt pin.

Our kilts come with a lifetime warranty. Any repairs (i.e. not alterations) will be done free of charge (excluding shipping) for as long as you own the kilt.

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Styles Available:

Box-Pleated (Traditional) - A low-yardage lighter weight option

Box-Pleated (Military) - A high-yardage kilt combining the appearance of (smaller) box pleats with the coveted 'swish' of knife pleats

Knife-Pleated (Standard) - Another lower yardage option for those who prefer the appearance and feel of knife pleats but also prefer a bit more weight to their kilt than a Traditional Box-Pleated offers

Knife-Pleated (Deluxe) - Your typical modern-day high yardage knife-pleated kilt, often made using eight or more metres of cloth

Kingussie (Standard) - A unique historical style combining a central box pleat with knife pleats fanning outward in both directions

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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