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The Sgian Dubh

The Sgian Dubh (pronounced 'skee-un doo') is a small knife worn tucked into the top of your kilt hose.

Sgian Dubh Page

It is worn in the left sock if you are left-handed or the right sock if right-handed. Visually, it should neatly bisect the hanging portion of the garter. Only the top couple of inches (the pommel and a bit of the handle) should protrude from the hose top. Any further and you might lose your knife!

Sgian dubh is Scottish Gaelic for 'black knife'. Various theories have been put forth to explain this etymology. Some claim that traditionally the handle was made from black bog oak or that the name implies 'secret' knife. Nevertheless, many claim the sgian dubh was the Highlander's weapon of last resort and was reputedly hidden under the armpit of one's jacket (referred to as the sgian achlais). When in the presence of friends or other polite company, the Highlander would place his sgian dubh in the top of his sock as a show of courtesy.

Still others claim its origins are as a skinning/hunting knife used by ghillies accompanying their chief on a hunt. Such a knife was perhaps part of set including much larger knives useful for dressing wild game.

All sgians dubh are made in the United Kingdom. All prices are in Canadian funds.

To view Specifically Irish-themed Sgian Dubh (or Scian Dubh), click here.

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IMPORTANT By making this purchase you are certifying that you are 18 years of age or older and in making this purchase you are responsible for adhering to all laws applicable to your local region with regard to sgian dubh purchases. The buyer agrees and certifies that Keltoi is not responsible for any damage or injury to person or property resulting from use or misuse of purchased item. 

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