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The Fly Plaid

The fly plaid is a square piece of fabric which matches a kilt. It is fringed on all four edges and pinned to the shoulder of a jacket with a brooch.

Fly Plaid Page

The Fly Plaid is 1.5 yards square and features hand-purled fringing along all four sides. The fly plaid is typically worn to formal evening events, though some wear it frequently for other occasions as well. The choice, of course, is up to you.

Special Notes: We do not gather the one end (which rests over the shoulder) of the fly plaid into a sewn pleat as some kilt makers do. We feel this relegates the fly plaid to a mere item of decoration. Leaving this end un-pleated allows the fly plaid to still be used as a shawl or wrap for yourself or perhaps a special companion. It also make it easier to iron out wrinkles.

All prices are in Canadian funds and vary by fabric weight.

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Fly Plaid

Ensure that you choose the same colour palette and fabric weight when matching a plaid to your kilt.

Mediumweight (13 oz. Cloth) - $445.ºº CAD

Heavyweight (16 oz. Cloth) - $415.ºº CAD

Regimental (18 oz. Cloth) - $445.ºº CAD

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