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Alterations and Repairs

Has a kilt mysteriously shrunk in your closet?

Keltoi Alterations & Repairs Page

Did you buy or inherit a used kilt and it doesn't fit?

Below are the various prices which will help that kilt fit you once again. If you live near us (or like to drive) you may book an appointment, otherwise contact us via email to discuss arrangements concerning measuring and shipping.

All prices are in Canadian funds.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept alteration work from outside of Canada, unless you have previously purchased a kilt from us.

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All of our kilts come with a lifetime warranty. Any repairs (i.e. not alterations) will be done free of charge (excluding shipping) for as long as you own the kilt.

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Rebuild (Complete)

This is the most extensive of repairs and involves completely dismantling the kilt and starting afresh. While an expensive and time-consuming job, it is cheaper than buying a new kilt.

Note that this can only be performed on the Box-Pleated, Kingussie, and Knife-Pleated Standard styles. The Knife-Pleated Deluxe and the Military Box-Pleated styles have much of the pleating cut away at the fell, which prevents easy alteration.

Box-Pleated Kilt (Hips up to 46") $257.ºº CAD

Box-Pleated Kilt (Hips 46"+) $272.ºº CAD

Kingussie-Pleated Kilt (Hips up to 46") $272.ºº CAD

Kingussie-Pleated Kilt (Hips 46"+) $287.ºº CAD

Knife-Pleated Standard Kilt (Hips up to 46") $272.ºº CAD

Knife-Pleated Standard (Hips 46"+) $287.ºº CAD

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Rebuild (Partial) or Apron Resizing $227.ºº CAD

This is the more affordable alternative to a complete rebuild. It is also able to be performed on any style of kilt. Most of the kilt (with the notable exception of the pleated area) is taken apart and the apron is made to the wearer's new dimensions.

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Buckle Adjustment

This is yet another option for resizing a kilt. It is the most affordable and easiest to perform. It is also the easiest to undo should the kilt change hands (or sizes) again. It involves measuring the wearer and moving the buckle tabs and straps to accommodate the new measurement.

Buckle Adjustment (Two Buckle Kilt) - $30.ºº CAD

Buckle Adjustment (Three Buckle Kilt) - $45.ºº CAD

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Buckle or Strap Replacement $17.ºº CAD (per buckle)

This involves replacing of a buckle, tab, or leather strap.

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Hemming a kilt is not the same as hemming a skirt. Besides having to deal with the pleating, a kilt has certain features in the deep pleat and reverse pleat which require special attention.

The price is the same for letting down a kilt hem.

Kilt Hemming (Box-Pleated) - $45.ºº CAD

Kilt Hemming (Kingussie-Pleated Kilt) - $60.ºº CAD

Kilt Hemming (Knife-Pleated Standard Kilt) - $60.ºº CAD

Kilt Hemming (Knife-Pleated Deluxe Kilt) - $90.ºº CAD

Kilt Hemming (Military Box-Pleated Kilt) - $120.ºº CAD

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Lining Replacement $50.ºº CAD

Like your favourite jacket, a kilt lining will often wear out over time and need replacing.

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