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The Daywear Sporran

These all-leather sporrans are acceptable for some evening occasions as well as any day event.

Many traditionalists prefer brown for day wear, but black leather is fast gaining popularity as it is often easier to match other black accessories. These sporrans look best with a day wear jacket or a more casual look.

A matching leather strap is included at no additional charge. Sizes are as follows: Small (30"-34"), Medium (34"-38"), Large (38"-42"), X-Large (42"-46") and XX-Large (46"-50")

These sporrans are hand-made in the United Kingdom.

All prices are in Canadian funds.

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The Highlander Collection of Daywear sporrans feature leatherwork detailing reminiscent of the type found on ghillie brogue shoes.


Available in wide range of colour combinations, these sporrans are proudly made to order in the United Kingdom.


Available with a plain matching leather strap.

$245.ºº CAD

Daywear Sporran (Highlander Collection)

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Daywear Sporran (Classic Collection)

The Classic Collection of daywear sporrans feature simple, timeless designs. All three versions are also available in black, brown or tan leather.


These sporrans are made to order in the United Kingdom and are available with a matching plain black or brown leather strap.

GMB1 - $80.ºº CAD

GMB2 - $90.ºº CAD

GMB3 - $100.ºº CAD

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