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Irish Waist Plates (Buckles)

These Buckles (or more commonly called, Waist Plates) are used to fasten a Kilt Belt.

The Kilt Belt is a decorative item and is not meant to hold your kilt up. (That's what the straps are for.) The belt is usually worn with a kilt when just wearing a shirt or a doublet like the Montrose or Kenmore. Do not wear the belt when wearing a waistcoat (vest). 

When measuring for a belt you should measure yourself while wearing a kilt. If you do not have one yet, add an inch or two to your natural waist measurement (just above the navel) to account for the extra girth.

Kilts belts are found here.

Other styles of Waist Plates can be found here.

All buckles and belts are made in the United Kingdom. All prices in Canadian funds.

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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