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Caubeen (An Cáibín)

Caubeen Page

The Caubeen (or Cáibín, the Irish for 'little cap') is similar in design to the Tam O'Shanter though it lacks the crowning toorie.

Besides civilian use, the Caubeen is worn by British, Irish, and Commonwealth regiments throughout the world.

There are two varieties available:

The Canadian Caubeen - $125.ºº CAD 

This version features a wider headband finished with grosgrain ribbon ending in untied tails, and a rosette.

The Irish Caubeen - $100.ºº CAD 

This version features a slimmer headband, no grosgrain rosette or ribbons, and two vent holes at the rear.

Though traditionally made in rifle or bottle green, these Caubeens are available in the following colours: Black, Bottle Green, Navy, Pale Grey, Mid-Grey, and Oat. The lining, rosette, and ribbons can be any colour you wish, simple make a note of this when ordering.

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