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Listed below are various items to be sold off at clearance prices. Some are discontinued items whilst others are from suppliers no longer used.


These sporrans are new old stock, crafted by L&M Highland in Nova Scotia.

Angus Daywear Sporran

Angus (MSL-1017)

Retail: $195.00 CAD 

Sale: $98.00 CAD

Dundee Daywear SPorran

Dundee (MSL-1003)

Retail: $195.00 CAD Sale: $98.00 CAD

Seamus Daywear Sporran

Seamus (MSL-1019)

Retail: $205.00 CAD

Sale: $103.00 CAD

Calf Celtic Targe Dress Sporran

Calf Celtic Targe (MSF-1021)

Retail: $328.00 CAD

Sale: $164.00 CAD


As some you may know, Robert Mackie of Scotland, the last traditional bonnet maker has ceased production as of January 2023. I still have a few samples/old stock for sale which are featured below. Don't forget that Keltoi Gaelic Clothing now offers two traditional forms of headwear: the Scottish Tam O'Shanter and the Irish Caubeen.

Beret Tams: These hats are much like a balmoral but lack the inner structure, lining, and ribbons. One size fits most. Available in diced band or plain. Colours indicated are what we have remaining in stock.

Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Diced Beret Tam
Retail: $70.00 CAD
Sale: $35.00 CAD
Red Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Bottle Green Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Maroon Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Saxe (Light Blue) Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Lovat Green Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Beret Tam, Plain, edited

Plain Beret Tam

Retail: $70.00 CAD 

Sale: $35.00 CAD

Red Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Maroon Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Fawn Beret Tam - Robert Mackie
Navy Beret Tam - Robert Mackie

Black Watch Balmoral: This a navy blue Balmoral with a red toonie as worn by the Royal Highland Regiment of Canada (The Black Watch) Also formerly worn by the Black Watch in Scotland. These Balmorals are stiffer than usual and lack ribbons or a cockade. We have a 60cm and a 56cm remaining in stock.

Black Watch Balmoral - Robert Mackie
balmoral, lovat green, edited
Cap Badge, edited

Black Watch Balmoral

Retail: $185.00 CAD

Sale: $95.00 CAD

Love Green Diced Balmoral

Retail: $135.00 CAD

Sale: $68.00 CAD

Cap Badges & Kilt Pins: These pewter cap badges feature clan emblems and are meant to be affixed to a balmoral, glengarry, or other headwear. Available clans: Anderson, Baird, Bell, Buchanan, Cunningham, Gaelic Piper, Gordon, MacFarlane, MacLellan, MacKay, Maxwell, St. Andrews. Kinnaird (Kilt Pin)

Cap Badge

Retail: $40.00 CAD

Sale: $20.00 CAD

Kilt Jackets

These jackets and waistcoats are crafted in Scotland by Gaelic Themes.

Irish Kilkenny Jacket

The Kilkenny (and matching waistcoat) is an Irish version of the Scottish Argyle jacket. It features Irish harp buttons, a two-button closure, and gauntlet cuffs shaped somewhat differently than the usual style. Available in Black, Size 40L

Kilkenny (+ waistcoat)
Retail: $600.00 CAD
Sale: $300.00 CAD
Brian Boeu Coatee

The Brian Boru coatee (and waistcoat) is an Irish version of the Scottish Prince Charlie. It features gauntlet cuffs with round Irish harp buttons, shawl lapels and a chain-link front closure. Available in Black, Size 40L

Brian Boru (+ waistcoat)

Retail: $600.00 CAD

Sale: $300.00 CAD

House of Edgar Argyll-Crail Jacket

Some makers call this an Argyle jacket, whilst others call it a Crail. Either way, it's been discontinued! Features single button cuffs and a two button closure. Black. Size 40L

Argyle-Crail Jacket (+ waistcoat)

Retail: $600.00 CAD

Sale: $300.00 CAD

Green Prince Charlie Coatee

This green Prince Charlie coatee was made by the House of Edgar and has been since discontinued. Please note this is for the jacket only; the waistcoat has been sold already. Size 46L.

Prince Charlie Coatee (Green)

Retail: $450.00 CAD

Sale: $225.00 CAD

Argyll Jacket & Waistcoat

This Argyle Jacket and waistcoat was made by Gaelic Themes/St. Kilda. It features three-button gauntlet cuffs, a single-button closure, and silk braided epaulettes. Size 42L.

Argyle Jacket & Waistcoat

Retail: $600.00 CAD

Sale: $300.00 CAD

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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