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The Kilt Pin

Legend has it the kilt pin was invented by Queen Victoria.

Whilst inspecting Highland troops on a windy day, she noticed one soldier valiantly attempting to keep his aprons from flapping. The Queen instructed a lady-in-waiting to stick a hat pin through his front apron, thus weighing it down.

Kilt pins today range from highly decorative swords, Celtic knotwork designs, and stylized animal interpretations. A common misconception is to pin both aprons together. This will cause the kilt to hang improperly and could damage the fabric. 

Kilt pins are often worn three inches up from the hem and three inches in from the fringe. An older traditional method is to wear it halfway up the apron.

All kilt pins are made in the United Kingdom. All prices are in Canadian funds.

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Sword Kilt Pins

These pins measure (approximately) four inches long and are available in a variety of metal finishes including Chrome, or Antique.

$40.ºº CAD

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Deluxe Kilt Pins

These quality kilt pins are approximately four inches long and feature intricate and delicate traditional themes such as sword, thistle, claddagh, shamrock, and the saltire.

They are a blend of gilt, nickel-chromium, and enamel finishes.

$60.ºº CAD

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Antler Kilt Pins

Antler kilt pins are crafted from red deer antler which is naturally shed at the end of each year. No two antler pins are alike.

Available in Regular to Buffalo Horn Capped.

$40.ºº CAD

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Pewter Kilt Pins

These pewter sword kilt pins are approximately four inches long. They are available in Antique or Chocolate Bronze finish.

$50.ºº CAD

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Kilt Pins (Other)

These attractive kilt pins feature both Celtic and animal-based designs. These pins measure four inches in length and most are available in either Chrome or Antique finish.

$40.ºº CAD

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