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The Kilt Jacket

Jackets truly add the finishing touch to any Highland outfit. 

Day wear jackets such as the Clunie and Crail are suitable for a wide variety of events; not just those occurring 'during the day'.

The more formal Prince Charlie coatee is a long-time favourite for weddings and black tie events.

All jackets and waistcoats are 100% wool and are made in the United Kingdom.

All prices in Canadian funds.

There is a sizing guide located at the bottom of this page.

Kilt Jackets Page
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Stock Jacket Sizing

Follow this chart below to determine your stock jacket size. These jackets are made to the standards of British tailoring, so they are closely fitted. (i.e. If you normally take an American Size 42, order a Size 44 instead.)

Size (Chest): Measure loosely around chest at underarm height while wearing a shirt/vest (no jacket), with arms by the sides. Do not inflate the chest.

Full Length: For coatees, measure length from the nape of the neck to waist, just above top of hips. For daywear jackets, measure from the nape of the neck to the base of the spine, just above the seat.

Sleeve Length (Crown to Cuff): Measure from shoulder seam to cuff.

Size                                      Full Length                      Sleeve Length

38S                                          24.5"                                     23.5"

38R                                         26"                                         24.5"

38L                                         27.5"                                      25.5"


40S-44S                                25.5"                                       24"

40R-44R                               27"                                          25"

40L-44L                                28.5"                                      26"


46S-48S                                 26"                                         24.5"

46R-48R                               27.5"                                       25.5"

46L-48L                                29"                                          26.5"

50S-54S                                26.5"                                       25"

50R-54R                               28"                                          26"

50L-54L                                29.5"                                       27"

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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