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The Sporran

The Sporran is probably the most important accessory after purchasing a kilt.

Indeed, most would say buy it at the same time. To be honest, without a sporran a kilt looks, well, like a skirt. Also, you may have noticed a kilt has no pockets.

The sporran (from the Scottish Gaelic sporan meaning 'pouch' or 'bag') stores all of your important items like keys, wallet, etc.

The following sporrans are beautifully hand-crafted in the United Kingdom. With proper care, they will likely last a lifetime or more, becoming a treasured heirloom, much like a well-made kilt.

Sporran Page

Sporrans are worn centred at the front of the kilt, about a hand's breadth from the belt or waistcoat bottom. The straps rest on the hips and can be passed through loops at the back of the kilt. (If they exist.)

If you wear your kilt regularly, you may wish to consider an all-leather strap, as a chain can wear away the apron of a kilt over a period of time. They are fine, however, for special occasions.


Any sporran is also available as a ladies' purse. This is accomplished by installing the straps at the sides of the sporran rather than at the back.

All prices in Canadian funds.

IMPORTANT: Please note that sealskin is generally unavailable for export outside of Canada. Check your local laws before ordering.

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Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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