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The Kilt Belt Buckle

Kilt Belts are affixed with a large ornate buckle, often called a Waist Plate. 

These buckles are usually made from pewter, but also come in brass, gloss black, and nickel. Along with the belt, it is really considered a decorative item and is not meant to hold your kilt up. In fact, it was originally meant for carrying a dirk. (To view a selection of dirks click here.)

The buckle (and belt) is usually worn with a kilt when just wearing a shirt or a doublet like the Montrose or Kenmore. Do not wear the belt when wearing a waistcoat (vest).

All buckles measure 2 ¼" in height are made in the United Kingdom. All prices are in Canadian funds.

To view Irish-themed buckles click here.

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Standard Kilt Belt Buckle

$65.ºº CAD

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Pewter Kilt Belt Buckle

$90.ºº CAD

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Traditional Kilt Belt Buckle

$85.ºº CAD

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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