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Military Tartans

Highland clothing, especially tartan, has had a long and lasting tradition with the militaries of the United Kingdom and the various nations of the British Commonwealth. Located below is a list of the tartans used by militaries both past and present.

Australia Tartan: 2nd/5th/7th Bt., Royal Australian Regiment (AUS)        


Black Watch (Government): The Royal Scots Greys - pipers (UK), Scots Guards - pipers (UK), 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (UK), 73rd Perthshire Regiment (UK), 74th Highland Regiment (UK), 75th Stirlingshire Regiment (UK), 84th Highland Regiment (UK), 87th Regiment - Keith’s Highlanders (UK), 88th Regiment - Campbell’s Highlanders (UK), 91st Argyllshire Highlanders Regiment (UK), 92nd Gordon Highlanders Regiment (UK), 93rd Sutherland Highlanders Regiment (UK), The Royal Scots - The Royal Regiment (UK), The Black Watch - Royal Highland Regiment (UK), Breadalbane Fencibles (UK), The London Scottish - pipers (UK), The Tyneside Scottish (UK), Royal Regiment of Scotland (UK), 1st/5th/6th/8th Bt. Gurkha Rifles (IND), 22nd Punjabis (IND/PK), The Black Watch of Canada - Royal Highland Regiment (CAN), Lanark & Renfrew Scottish (CAN), The Prince Edward Island Highlanders (CAN), The Calgary Highlanders (CAN), 13th Bt. Royal Highlanders of Canada - CEF (CAN), 21st Battalion- CEF (CAN), 42nd Bt. Royal Highlanders - CEF (CAN), 96th Bt. Canadian Highlanders - CEF (CAN), Princess Louise’s Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (CAN), The Cape Breton Highlanders (CAN), Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment (CAN), 30th Bt. New South Wales Scottish Regiment (AUS), Royal New South Wales Regiment (AUS), Wellington Highlanders (NZ), Dunedin Highland Rifles Volunteers (NZ), Auckland Highland Rifles Volunteers (NZ), The New Zealand Scottish (NZ), 1st Armoured Car Regiment (NZ), Glasgow Highlanders (UK), Royal Durban Light Infantry (SA)


Bruce: Elgin Regiment (CAN)


Buccleuch Check: 4th Bt. The King’s Own Scottish Borderers (UK)


Campbell: 38th Dogras - Punjab (IND), Garhwal Rifles, 1st Bt. 39th (IND)


Campbell of Argyll: Lorne Rifles - Scottish (CAN)


Campbell Ancient: The Lorne Scots - Peel, Dufferin, & Halton Regiment (CAN)


Campbell of Breadalbane: Breadalbane Fencibles (UK)


Campbell of Cawdor: 93rd Sutherland Highlanders (UK), Argyll Fencibles (UK)


Cameron of Erracht: 79th Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders Regiment (UK), Queen’s Highlanders - Seaforth & Camerons (UK), The Highlanders - band (UK), 79th New York Highland Regiment (USA), Prince Alfred’s Guard 1874 (SA), Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa - Duke of Edinburgh’s Own (CAN), Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada (CAN)


Cantlie: CEF (CAD)


Childers: Garhwal Rifles, 2nd Bt. 39th (IND), Gurkha Rifles, 1st, 1st Bt. - Punjab (IND)


Crawford: Lancashire Artillery Volunteers (UK)


Dalziel: Royal Scots Greys (UK)


Davidson: 48th Highlanders of Canada (CAN)


Douglas: Cameronians - Scottish Rifles (UK), Natal Mounted Rifles (SA), Witwatersrand Rifles (SA), The Perth Regiment (CAN)


Douglas Grey: Royal Auxillary Air Force 602 Sqn - Glasgow (UK), Royal Auxillary Air Force 603 Sqn - Edinburgh (UK)


Erskine: King’s Own Scottish Borderers TA - pipers (UK), Royal Scots Fusiliers - pipers (UK), The Royal Highland Fusiliers - pipers (UK), The Scots Fusiliers of Canada - pipers (CAN)


Erskine Hunting: Royal Scots Fusiliers (UK)


Ferguson: 242nd Bt. CEF (CAN)


Forbes: Liverpool Scottish (UK)


Fraser Hunting: Lovat Scouts (UK)


Gordon: 92nd Highland Regiment (UK), Gordon Highlanders (UK), 5th Bt. Victorian Scottish Regiment (AUS), Christchurch Highlanders (NZ), Canterbury Scottish Rifle Volunteers (NZ), Cape Town Highlanders (SA), The Highlanders - kilts (UK), Waganui Light Rifles (NZ), 50th Regiment - Gordon Highlanders of Canada (CAN)   


Graham of Montrose: 205 Scottish Field Hospital (UK), 32nd Derajat Mountain Battery - Punjab (IND), First City Regiment (SA)


Grant: 51st Highland Division Signal Regiment - pipers (UK), 32nd Scottish Signal Regiment - pipers (UK), The Queen’s Gurkha Signals - pipers (UK)


Hodden Grey: London Scottish (UK), Toronto Scottish (CAN)


Khaki: CEF (CAD)


Lamont: Old 74th Argyll Highlanders (UK)


Lennox: Princess Mary’s Canadian Scottish Regiment - pipers (CAN)


Leslie: King’s Own Scottish Borderers - trews (UK), New Brunswick Scottish (CAN)


MacDonald: 42nd Deoli Regiment (IND)


MacDonald of Clanranald: Stormont, Dundas, & Glengarry - pipers (CAN)


MacDonell of Keppoch: 71st Engineer Regiment (UK)


MacDonell of Glengarry: Stormont, Dundas, & Glengarry Highlanders (CAN)


MacDougall: 224th Bt. CEF - pipers (CAN), Canadian Forestry Corps - pipers (CAN)


MacDuff: Gurkha Transport Regiment - pipers (UK), Scottish Transport Regiment (UK)


MacGillivray: Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (CAN)


MacGregor: The Essex & Kent Scottish (CAN)


MacKenzie: 37th Dogras - Bengal (IND), 102nd Grenadiers - Bombay (IND), Gurkha Rifles, 1st, 2nd Bt. - Punjab (IND), The Highlanders - trews (UK), Kaffrarian Rifles (SA), Kimberley Scottish (SA), Queen’s Own Highlanders (UK), 72nd Regiment - Duke of Albany’s Own Highlanders (UK), 78th Ross Shire Buffs (UK), Royal Highland Fusiliers (UK), Royal South Australia Regiment (AUS), Seaforth Highlanders (UK), Saskatoon Light Infantry - pipers (CAN), North Saskatchewan Regiment - pipers (CAN), 25th Bt. CEF - pipers (CAN), The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada (CAN), The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada (CAN), The Pictou Highlanders (CAN), Royal Military College (CAN)


MacLean of Duart: 236th Bt. CEF - New Brunswick Kilties (CAN)


MacLeod of Harris: 73rd Regiment, MacLeod’s Highlanders (UK), RCMP band - 1993-1997 (CAN), 21st Bt. CEF - pipers (CAN)


Maple Leaf: Royal Canadian Regiment - pipers (CAN)


Murray of Atholl: Atholl Highlanders (UK), 77th Highlanders (UK), The Scottish Horse (UK), North Nova Scotia Highlanders (CAN), Transvaal Scottish (SA), 4th South African Scottish (SA), Scottish Horse (UK)


Murray of Tullibardine: Transvaal Scottish - pipers (SA)


O’Saffron: Irish Regiment of Canada (CAN)


RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police band (CAN)


Robertson: 19th Regiment, Royal Artillery (UK)


Rose: 27th Punjabis (IND/PK)


Rose Hunting: Royal Tank Regiment - pipers (UK)


Royal Air Force: Royal Air Force band (UK)


Royal Canadian Air Force: Royal Canadian Air Force (CAN)


Saffron: London Irish Rifles (UK), The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars - pipers (UK), Irish Guards - pipers (UK), The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - pipers (UK), Royal Irish Fusiliers - pipers (UK), Royal Irish Rangers - pipers (UK), Royal Irish Regiment - pipers (UK), Ulster Defence Regiment - pipers (UK), 152nd Ulster Ambulance Regiment - pipers (UK), British Columbia Regiment - Duke of Connaught’s Own - pipers (CAN), 2nd/4th Bt. Royal Australian Regiment - pipers (AUS), South African Irish Regiment (SA), Irish Defence Force - pipers (IRE), 111th Irish Fusiliers of Canada (CAN)


Shepherd/Northumberland: Royal Northumberland Fusiliers - pipers (UK), The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - pipers (UK)


Stewart Black: 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group - pipers (CAN)


Stewart of Bute: Loudoun’s Highlanders (UK)


Stewart of Fingask: 48th Highlanders - pipers (CAN), 15th Bt. CEF band (CAN)


Stewart Hunting: Bombay Volunteer Rifles (IND), Calcutta Scottish (IND), Loretto Officers School (UK), Royal Scots - The Royal Regiment (UK), Shanghai Volunteer Corps (UK), Princess Mary’s Canadian Scottish Regiment (CAN), 82nd Bt. CEF band (CAN)


Stewart, Prince Charles Edward: Duke of Albany’s Own Highlanders 72nd (UK), Royal Company of Archers (UK)


Stewart Royal: Pipers - Black Watch (UK), Pipers - Black Watch (CAN), 13th Bt. CEF - pipers (CAN), 96th Bt. CEF - pipers, (CAN), King’s Own Scottish Borderers - pipers (UK), Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders - pipers (UK), Queen’s Own Corps of Guides     (IND/PK), Scots Guards - pipers (UK), Royal Scots - pipers (UK), Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - pipers (UK), Royal Scots Greys (UK), Royal Scots - pipers (UK), Lanark & Renfrew Scottish - pipers (UK), Royal Australian Regiment - pipers (AUS)


Ulster (Weathered): Royal Dragoon Guards - pipers (UK)


Urquhart: 125th Napier’s Rifles - Bombay (IND)


AUS: Australia

Bt.: Battalion

CAN: Canada

IND: India

IRE: Ireland

NZ: New Zealand

PK: Pakistan

SA: South Africa

UK: United Kingdom

USA: United States

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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