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The Kilt Belt

The Kilt Belt is 2¼" wide and affixed with a large buckle. 

The belt is a decorative item and is not really meant to hold your kilt up - that's what the kilt straps are for. The belt is usually worn with a kilt when just wearing a shirt, a doublet like the Montrose, or when wearing an Argyll or similar jacket. They create an appealing visual break between kilt and shirt. Do not wear the belt when wearing a waistcoat (vest).

When measuring for a kilt belt you should measure yourself while wearing a kilt. If you do not have one yet, add an inch or two to your natural waist measurement (just above the navel) to account for the extra girth. The belts are adjustable by way of velcro on the inside.

All belts are made in the United Kingdom and are available in black or brown. All prices are in Canadian funds.

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Buckled Kilt Belt

The Kilt (or Dirk) Belt

$80.ºº CAD

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These belts are 2¼" wide and are affixed with a 2-prong roller buckle. They are intended for more casual wear.

$80.ºº CAD

Sizing ranges from 27 inches to 56 inches.

All Buckled Kilt Belts are made in the United Kingdom. All prices in Canadian funds.

The 2½" Celtic uses a large polished traditional one-prong buckle and is suitable for all occasions up to and including the most formal.

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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