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In honour of Tartan Day (April 6), any kilt ordered (in any style) will also include a FREE Traditional Box-Pleated Kilt! 

This sale not only commemorates the proud history of tartan and Scotland itself, but also to further awareness of the true original form of the tailored kilt. 


- Buy one get one free! Order yours today! (A $480 value!) - 


Offer ends at 11.59 PM EST April 13, 2024.

To view the Traditional Box-Pleated Kilt page click here.


When ordering the first kilt, send us a message after to let us know what tartan you would like for the free kilt.

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CAF Discount

Canadian Armed Forces members receive a 10% discount on all items at any time. Contact us ( for further details. Discount is not cumulative with other offers or sales.

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Clan Graham Discount

As I am a proud member of Clan Graham, I offer a 10% discount on all kilts and other tartan items (plaids, wraps etc.) made using the various Graham tartans (Graham of Montrose and Graham of Menteith). Contact us ( for further details. Discount is not cumulative with other offers or sales.

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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