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Master Tartan List

Below are lists of all woven tartans from the mills in their various weights, ranges, and shades.

Tartan List Page

There are a number of fabric mills located in the United Kingdom which weave worsted wool tartan fabrics and tweeds. Some tartans are readily available while other lesser-known setts may take longer to obtain.

Use these lists to assist making your selections on the respective kilt pages.

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A Glossary of Terms

Mediumweight: 13 oz. per linear yard


Heavyweight: 16 oz. per linear yard


Regimental Weight: 18 oz. linear per yard


Modern (Colours): The standard palette used for tartan. Bright Red, Bottle Green, Navy, Black, Yellow, and White are used.


Ancient (Colours): A palette meant to simulate the effects of aged cloth. Red becomes Orange, Bottle Green becomes Light Green, Navy becomes Light Blue, Yellow becomes Light Yellow.


Weathered/Reproduction (Colours): Weathered Colours (also called Reproduction Colours) is a step further than Ancient. Colours are drastically changed: Red becomes Burgundy, Bottle Green becomes Brown, Navy becomes Light Grey, Black becomes Charcoal, and Yellow becomes Light Yellow.


Muted (Colours): are similar to Ancient though opting to use a very specific palette: Burgundy for Red, Olive for Green, Grey-Blue for Blue, etc.

Traditional Handsewn Kilts and Accessories

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