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The Day Wear Sgian Dubh

Day Wear Sgian Dubh (Antler)

  • G1 Plain Horn
    G1 Plain Horn
  • G1 Quirky
    G1 Quirky
  • G2 Cap Horn
    G2 Cap Horn
  • G3 Half-Crown
    G3 Half-Crown
  • G3 Back
    G3 Back
  • G4 Silver Plate Natural
    G4 Silver Plate Natural
  • G4 Silver Plate Burnt
    G4 Silver Plate Burnt
  • G5 Sterling Silver
    G5 Sterling Silver
  • G6 Damascus Full
    G6 Damascus Full
  • G7 Buffalo Join
    G7 Buffalo Join
  • G7 Detail
    G7 Detail
  • G7 Horn Cap
    G7 Horn Cap
  • G8 Damascus Half-Crown
    G8 Damascus Half-Crown
G1 Plain Horn
G1 Plain Horn
Stag antler is a material traditionally used for day wear sgian dubh handles. Due to natural variation, each handle is unique. Antlers are collected each spring when stags shed after mating season.

All Day Wear Sgian Dubh are made in the United Kingdom. All prices are in Canadian funds.

G1 Plain Horn $85.00 CAD
G1 Quirky Horn $95.00 CAD
G2 Cap Horn $90.00 CAD
G3 Half-Crown $100.00 CAD
G4 Silver Plate Burnt Horn $125.00 CAD
G4 Silver Plate Natural Horn $125.00 CAD
G5 Sterling Silver Natural Horn $180.00 CAD
G6 Damascus $135.00 CAD
G7 Buffalo Horn Cap $90.00 CAD
G8 Damascus Half-Crown $145.00 CAD
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(Canada & US only)


All of my kilts come with a lifetime warranty. Any repairs (i.e. not alterations) will be done free of charge (excluding shipping) for as long as you own the kilt.